Pack of jeepsMassive sand dunes are no match for these hopped-up Jeeps.

Jeep beach jumpJeeps might not be the most aerodynamic in the air but they can certainly get off the ground.

Vertical ClimbSand Hollow State Park is an off-roaders paradise and this is precisely why.

HIlls and treesAs if the hill wasn’t challenging enough!

RZR RVApparently, this guy has climbed everything there is to climb.

Rezvani tankYou’ll be the coolest parent in the pickup line at daycare with the new Rezvani Beast. 

Al mcbethAl McBeth is a man among boys.

Seating beadsSafety first really is an understatement. 

Pucker FactorThis guy’s not riding on the edge, he’s crossing over it and still manages to ride it out.

Jeeps aren't known for being super aggressive in the sand but you'd never know it if you saw this guy out tearing up the dunes in his supercharged JKThis supercharged JK isn’t slowed down by the sand even a little bit, no doubt thanks to the whining supercharger under the hood.