golf cart jumpClearly, this guy would rather be in the dirt or the dunes than playing a round of golf.

HIlls and treesAs if the hill wasn’t challenging enough!

RZR RVApparently, this guy has climbed everything there is to climb.

Al mcbethAl McBeth is a man among boys.

Jump SpotterFortunately, no one was injured in this crazy crash that could have been avoided.

Jeep rollerJust because you can drive your Jeep up that obstacle doesn’t mean you should.

summersaultingIf summersaulting a UTV through the air becomes a sport, these guys might be the world champions.

vertical faceEveryone knows that you’re supposed to stop, drop and roll after being set on fire, but in this case, it’s the roll that starts the flames.

RZR Crash sequenceSometimes the track comes back to bite you!

Show off 2This guy learned the hard way that pride goes before a fall.