Offroad expoThe Off-road Expo is an off-roaders paradise.

Whether you’re into ATVs, UTVs, rock crawlers, Jeeps, pre-runners or million dollar trophy trucks, the Off-road Expo has a it all. The 2017 Lucas Oil Off-road Expo went down this past weekend in Pamona California offering attendees 10 acres of everything off-road. Here are ten photos from social media to give you an idea of what the show had to offer and what you missed out on.

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Rezvani tankYou’ll be the coolest parent in the pickup line at daycare with the new Rezvani Beast. 

BJ Baldwin DonutsWhy not set a world record for burning donuts while eating donuts?

Al mcbethAl McBeth is a man among boys.

BJ Baldwin ep 1It’s true, celebrities get to have all the fun.

buckshot jumpThis is how Buckshot Racing “breaks in” customer cars.

Idaho overlandingWelcome to Idaho, also known as an overlanding paradise!

Jump SpotterFortunately, no one was injured in this crazy crash that could have been avoided.

Offroad flood victimsIn the wake of hurricane Harvey, “lifted trucks save lives” is much more than a catchy slogan.

bad daysSometimes, no matter how hard you try, you still get a face full of dirt, (or seat in this guy’s case).