Remember when told you about the possibility of a new Wrangler with trail-annihilating levels of power? Well, FCA has revised its horsepower estimate.

As with the last report, this information was unearthed by human encyclopedia Bozi Tatarevic over at our sister publication, The Truth About Cars. In the updated NHTSA filing, both the six-cylinder and turbo-four remain listed as engine options for the upcoming JL Wrangler, but the turbo mill, previously listed as having 368 horsepower, has had its rating changed to NR (not rated).

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Now, this could mean one of several things. The first – and most obvious – explanation is that FCA was none too pleased about the inadvertent revealing of the gonzo engine spec and rushed to refile the document with unlisted power ratings thereby giving them the opportunity to claim the number was an error.

It also stands to reason that the 368 horsepower figure may simply have been a typo at the hands of a ham-fisted FCA intern tasked with pounding out several documents between espresso runs for Sergio. A rating of 268 horsepower would not be wholly unexpected or unrealistic. If this proves to be the case, Jeep should invest in typing lessons for all its staff, or at least buy them special dialing wands like Homer Simpson used when he worked from home.

A third –  and conspiracy-laden – reason could be that Jeep was simply trolling us all, putting out this huge power number for us to talk about while we wait for the new Wrangler to drop at the L.A. Auto Show later this Fall. If so, well played.

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Codenamed ‘Hurricane’ and speculated on for the better part of a year now, the new 2.0-liter turbo – however much power it makes – is expected to make its way into several vehicles in the FCA portfolio. It will likely be hooked to an eight-speed automatic transmission and built at Chrysler’s Trenton Engine Complex, located south of the Motor City.

Head over to The Truth About Cars to view the updated filing.


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