Rezvani tankYou’ll be the coolest parent in the pickup line at daycare with the new Rezvani Beast. 

This armored SUV built by Rezvani Motors was unveiled over the weekend at the Off-road Expo in Pamona, California. It has ballistic armor and kevlar in the body panels and across the fuel tanks to make sure nothing can get in.

The vehicle itself is a work of art complete with thermal/night vision systems, on-demand four-wheel drive, two engine configurations and reportedly puts out 500hp. While we’re impressed with the specs, the coolest thing is that you can own one yourself.

The company is accepting $1,000 deposits with vehicles slated to be delivered in late 2017. Asking price: $185,000. We’re not really sure what a civilian would need all that body armor for, but you’d definitely have the coolest family mover around!

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