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Can-Am has released details on all of its new models for 2018. We’ve already shown you the Maverick lineup, so now let’s take a look at the Defender series of workhorses.

The Defender family of side-by-sides have been engineered to make quick work out of a hard day’s chores. Properly equipped, certain models can tow up to 2000lbs, an amount equal to the capacity of a 2.4-liter Jeep Renegade. Dump beds allow drivers to easily scatter their payload all across the back forty.

There are three new models being added to the Defender lineup, two of which are all about style while the X MR is ready to tackle the deepest mud.

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The 2018 Defender X MR features a heavy-duty Rotax V-Twin engine, making 72 horsepower through an all-new front differential setup that makes the best use of its available torque. Able to be fully locked on-the-fly, this Smart-Lok diff has electronically-controlled automatic modes in addition to preset calibrations accessible by the push of a button.


Using multiple input sources, “Smart Mode” will instantaneously engage locking with the right load at the right moment, providing maximum traction while allowing for low-speed maneuverability. Snorkel intakes for the CVT and V-Twin engine permit water fording while spinning its large 30-inch mud tires.

Starting at $18,999 in America, the X MR is available painted in black, yellow, or camo.


2018 Defender MAX LONE STAR HD10_3-4 front

Can-Am’s 2018 Defender Max Lone Star allows drivers to take along five of their best ranch hands, given its six-passenger seating arrangement with Lone Star branded chairs that adjust fore/aft. A full hardtop roof keeps out the elements.

Turning 28-inch Maxxis Bighorn tires on 14-inch rims, the Max Lone Star has power steering to lend a hand in low-speed working situations or while wheeling over technical terrain. Ground clearance stands at 13 inches, and Can-Am’s 72hp Rotax V-Twin shows up here as well but is lashed to a Pro-Torq transmission. Like the X MR, the Max Lone Star can tow 2000lbs and has a payload capacity of 1000lbs.

A 4500-lb winch rounds out the rough-n-ready package. Plus, it’s got a button labeled ‘WORK MODE’. How cool is that? I’m certain my parents wished they had that button for me when I was a teenager.

Buyers will need nearly 20,000 of the finest American dollars if they wish to add a Max Lone Star to their fleet and they can choose any color they want … so long as it’s black.


2018 Defender XT-P HD10 Carbon Black and Can-Am Red_3-4 front

The 2018 Defender XT-P is the sportiest of these workaday machines, deploying FOX 2.0 Podium shocks underneath its natty Carbon Black & Can-Am Red finish. The familiar 72 horsepower Rotax V-Twin appears again but is tuned for greater zing, churning out 61 lb.-ft of torque at lower peak than its fraternal twin.

An aggressive front bumper, full skid plate, and protective rock sliders give clues to the XT-P’s place in the Defender lineup. Those Fox shocks give increased responsiveness and durability in rough terrain, making for a serious upgrade in this work-grade side-by-side.

Given the XT-P is the most recreational of the Defenders, Can-Am has installed seats which are more heavily bolstered than those found in the Lone Star and X MR. At 600lbs, payload is a bit lighter than the Lone Star but it equals the larger side-by-side in the towing department with a 2000lb rating.

Go ahead and venture down to the bottom of that steep gully: the XT-P has hill descent control, which includes an Electronic Braking System at all four wheels for improved control and traction. Prices start at $18,499.

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