The Bollinger Motors B1, an all-electric off-road truck with gonzo approach and departure angles to accompany its box-it-came-in styling, has moved to the track testing stage.

In a couple of new YouTube videos, the boffins at Bollinger are shown taking their all-electric Sport Utility Truck to a track for some testing, marking the first time we’ve seen the innovative machine turning a wheel in anger.

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One of the videos shows a quick glimpse through the B1, with its fore and aft compartments open to the fresh air, providing a clear shot through the entirety of the 150-inch long B1. Powered solely by electric motors and a low-slung battery, it makes sense that the truck doesn’t need a firewall. If this feature makes it to production, it will be the only off-roader this author can think of which offers an unimpeded bumper-to-bumper loading surface.

In keeping with the ethos of the company, one person is heard in the video saying “So, a couple more laps? A little faster?” It is great to see a company eager to push the capabilities of its prototypes during the development stage. These videos show the B1 on pavement, so we hope the next series of development shots show the truck on its intended surface: gnarly off-road dirt.

Introduced in New York a couple of months ago, the Bollinger B1 has an approach angle of 56 degrees, a figure which far outstrips that of the Wrangler Rubicon’s angle of attack. A 33-degree breakover angle and 53-degree departure should allow the B1 to scamper up and over just about the most challenging obstacles drivers can throw at it. Ground clearance is said to be a jacked 15.5 inches thanks to knuckle housed, geared axle hubs.

Bollinger is targeting deliveries within 19 months of finalized manufacturing plans. A direct-to-consumer sales strategy will be employed at first, though Bollinger is considering moving to a dealership setup.

Customers interested in the B1 can, starting in early 2018, plunk down $1,000 to reserve one for themselves.

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