B1 Bollinger 4 door

Remember the Bollinger B1? We brought you news of the all-electric off-road beast and its 56-degree approach angle last month. Now, the Bollinger boffins have sketched out a 4-door version.

“We always wanted to make a 4-Door version of the B1,” explained Robert Bollinger, a man who usually gets what he wants because his surname is on the building. “And our assistant designer Ross Compton and I developed a great sketch. The vehicle still has great proportions and it’s amazing off-road capabilities remain intact since we only had to stretch the chassis by 9 inches.”

Adding two more doors creates a new overall vehicle length of 159 inches and new wheelbase of 114 inches. While the truck will have the same gonzo approach and departure angles of 56 degrees and 53 degrees respectively, it will have a new breakover angle of 31 degrees. Still not exactly namby-pamby stuff. Ground clearance of 15.5 inches and an adjustable wheel travel of +5/-5 inches remain the same as its two-door brother.

The lengthier vehicle will provide an additional 6 cubic feet of cargo volume, now totaling 101 cubes. For comparison, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has 68.3 cubic feet with everything folded down. To keep weight in check, the B1 uses an all-aluminum chassis with a high-strength, low-alloy steel roll cage to make sure things stay intact if things go ten-toes up out on the trail.

Burly eight-lug hubs remain, presumably attached to the same portal axles described during the two-door B1’s reveal last month in New York. The battery storage system located at the bottom of the truck between the chassis rails should give this off-roader the center of gravity of a worm.

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Other electric vehicle manufacturers have taught us that a great benefit of an all-electric drivetrain is its ability to offer 100 percent of its torque right off the line at zero rpm. On the street, that characteristic provides face bending acceleration. Off-road, where torque is king and momentum is your friend, it should prove to be an equally useful trait. With this four-door version of the Bollinger B1, you can experience this phenomenon with a few friends.

Both the 2- and 4-door variants of the Bollinger B1 will have the same battery options available of either 60 kWh or 100 kWh. Engineering the B1 to production is underway, so expect additional specifications and information to be made available in future announcements.

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