Taking the phrase “three’s company” to heart, John Deere has introduced a brace of XUVs with three-wide seating and a host of luxury features.

John Deere’s new XUVs will be a gas-powered 835 model and a diesel-powered 865 model. In a fit of contradictory to labeling, the XUV835 is actually more powerful than the XUV865.

The XUV835 packs a liquid-cooled, 4-cycle 54-horsepower gasoline mill. Measuring 812cc, it can easily top 45mph. The current model using an 812cc engine is the 825i, making only 50hp. An extra four horsepower might not seem like much of an increase but it will make a big difference in a machine weighing about 1700lbs.

Oil burning XUV865 models will have a 854cc diesel engine installed under its green bodywork, good for 23hp and a top speed of 32mph. A large, 11-gallon fuel tank keeps the machine running between fill-ups and during those long trips into the back forty to check on cattle.


Side-by-side off-roaders have been approaching on-road levels of luxury for the last few years now and XUV835 and XUV865 embrace the luxury side of things with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) available on certain trims.

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Automotive-style HVAC controls are mounted square in the center of the dash, making for easy and convenient adjustments by the driver or passengers. Four dash vents, looking suspiciously like the units on a 2004 F-150, direct the cool or hot air to the XUVs occupants using one of three fan speeds. Just like a road vehicle, the ventilation can be set to one of four modes: floor, floor and dash, dash and defrost, or defrost only.

John Deere XUV835R

John Deere will be labeling its 835 and 865 XUVs with three different levels of trim: E, M, and R.  The E trim has no electronic power-assist steering (EPAS) and minimal electronic connections. As such, adding attachments and accessories requires additional electrical harnesses and structure. This trim level is open station only.

The snazzier M trim adds EPAS and brings a main wiring harness for easier attachment hook-up. Enclosed cabs are available in this trim level. Customers who select a full cab will enjoy fully functioning roll up/down door windows and a windshield which swings out and up just like a VW Bus. HVAC is an option at the M level.

High-dollar R models are cab only and come with a tan interior. HVAC is standard equipment, as is electrical wiring giving increased flexibility for attachments. A standard cloth 40/60 bench seat, headliner, dome light, and sunvisor tell us this XUV is more lavishly equipped than my grandfather’s mid-80s GMC pickup. A windshield washer and wiper are on board, too.

These new models are marginally wider and taller than their forebears, while naturally, they’re all painted John Deere Green.

Pricing will be released later this year.

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