Back country hygieneKeeping clean in the backcountry can be a real chore but the guys from Expedition Overland have some helpful tips.

From organic soap that doubles as a laundry detergent to keeping baby wipes handy for those hard to reach places and even a mesh bag to help rinse your laundry in a stream, this segment of “Oh Hey There!” is all about personal grooming in the backcountry. Nice farmers tan Jeff!

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Erica Gilbert September 28th, 2017 at 3:51 am

Loved this. On a more serious note, though, since I love off-roading, I always carry along a hand sanitizer, even if I am otherwise red-necking it! There are some really great ones that offer up to 24 hours of protection. After all, how can I continue to pursue my passion if I fall ill, right?

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