Details of the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler continue to spill out in dribs and drabs like water sputtering from a leaky faucet. This time, the crew over at have spied a first look at trims, engines, colors, and option packages. Captured by way of screenshot, all this confirms a lot of early speculation floating around about the new JL. 

Keep in mind, of course, that this is all preliminary information gleaned from a dealer system. There could be changes and additions before the new Wrangler’s debut at the L.A. Auto Show this November.

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The biggest news is the apparent confirmation on new drivetrain options. According to the screenshots, a direct-injected 2.0L turbocharged inline-four will be an option, presumably with stop/start technology as the mill is listed with a “belt starter generator.” Also listed as an option is the much-rumored 3.0L V6 turbodiesel, making oil-burning Jeep fans across the nation giddy with joy. A six-speed manual transmission is listed, as are a couple of eight-speed automatic options.

Mercifully, it appears the soft roof will remain an option, given the system’s listing of five different soft tops including – drumroll, please – a power option! Black and body colored hard tops are listed as well.


The largest factory tires presently available on a Wrangler are LT255/75R17 hoops included on the Rubicon and Willys Wheeler. Notes from the 2018 JL screenshots show enormous LT285/70R17 meats as a new option, alongside standard fare already found on the current Wrangler.

Keeping in mind that this is preliminary information, it seems as if FCA will be streamlining model and trim designations, at least initially. The 2-door Wrangler is only listed as Sport and Rubicon models, while the 4-door Unlimited model shows those two lines plus a Sahara trim. Thinking out loud, it would make sense to limit the number of trims available at introduction, saving special editions like the Big Bear and Freedom editions.

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Also worth noting is the listing of Selec-Trac for the Sahara Unlimited model. This is huge news if accurate, as the very mention of Selec-Trac often sends Jeep fans into fugues of misty-eyed nostalgia. This is not to say that the bulletproof NP242 transfer case from the old XJ is set to make a return; rather, this author thinks it will debut some sort of 4WD system with a set-it-and-forget-it ‘auto’ setting, making the Wrangler a bit more approachable to buyers who are moving to a Jeep from a lightweight crossover. That this so-called Selec-Trac is only listed in the family-friendly Sahara Unlimited trim adds more than a hint of credence to this theory.


Colors run the rainbow gamut from one end to the other, with notable additions of Acid Yellow and Nacho. That’s right, Nacho. Some sort of special ‘Trail Rail Management System’ is also new. Power-deployable rock sliders, perhaps? Or maybe just a roof rack system for the hard top?

We’re slowly going blind studying every minute detail of these screenshots and heartily recommend you do the same. Post your comments and speculation below!

[Source: JLWranglerForums]

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