Mercedes is gearing up to release its first pickup truck, called the X-Class, and you can watch the debut here. 

Above is a teaser giving us our best look yet at the new X-Class, while below you can watch the debut of the truck live on July 18.

As of right now, Mercedes has said that the X-Class isn’t likely to be sold in North America because it is too small, but we are still holding out hope that the execs at Benz change their minds. Initially, the truck will be sold in Europe, Asia and South American markets.

The truck is based on the Nissan Navara and will likely launch with a six-cylinder turbo diesel under the hood. Mercedes’ 4MATIC all-wheel drive system will be equipped along with a proper transfer case and two locking differentials.

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The tow rating for the X-Class will be right around 7,000 pounds while payload is rated at 2,200 pounds. Despite what Mercedes says about the size of the truck, that tow rating puts the X-Class right in line with what is offered by other midsize pickups in North America while the payload outclasses them.

The brand promises “extreme robustness and a progressive design, impressive off-road capabilities and great driving dynamics on the road as well as exemplary functionality and stylish comfort.”

You can watch the live debut of the truck on July 18 at 7:14 pm CEST/ 5:14 pm GMT. The video live stream is embedded below.


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