Off-road racing from the legendary Mint 400 will hit cable TV this coming weekend. 

A two-hour documentary style show on the 2017 Mint 400 will air on the NBC Sports Network this Sunday, the 25th of June at one pm PST. Four different racers will be featured, Cameron Steele, Todd Jackson, Jason Voss and Wayne and Kristen Matlock,  while there will be two in-show segments covering the history of the race and the multi-vehicle team of Harley Letner, Anthony Terzo and Jeff Terzo.

For all those that have cut the cable, the documentary will be available online at the Mint 400 YouTube and Facebook page immediately after it airs on television.

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A team of over seventy people from Mad Media were dispatched to film the massive off-road race which included 370 race teams in twenty-five classes. “There were so many incredible stories at the Mint this year,” stated Mad Media COO and Co-Director, Joshua Martelli. “It was very tough to cut it all down to 2 hours.  We had 370 race teams in twenty-five classes all competing for the win! There were epic battles by seasoned racers and new faces like the Diesel Brothers and Jay Leno. It was a great year and our crew was right in the mix while it all unfolded.”

We won’t spoil the documentary for you if you haven’t already heard what happened this year, but if you must know, click here to see results from the 2017 Mint 400. 

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