Ensenada, Baja California Mexico
– After an entire year of planning and preparation, Matt Ferrato has put an impressive plan into action for the 49th SCORE Baja 500. Ferrato made bold moves to enhance his team, starting immediately after the race last year. The Baja 500 is always an incredible challenge, but last season’s race saw blistering temperatures that put competitors and their vehicles into the red zone.

The team’s The Hollywood Way BBQ, Radar Tires, Dirt Digits class 12 car was already a strong package but with some fine tweaks its made it even better.  The cooling fans were replaced with larger units, the oil cooling system was revised, adding a newer more efficient system, and the temperature gauges are now more accurate with a broader range of measurement. All changes to make the car better able to operate in extreme temperatures.

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New additions to the team roster include Crew Chief Jim Moulton, and second driver Mike Majesky. “We’ve added another chase team and have been practicing at some local races to become faster and more prepared,” said Ferrato, “Due to last year’s extreme heat, I was not able to perform at 100% for the entire race. This year, we have decided to add another driver; this is a first for Ferrato Racing. For years, I have always soloed the entire race. Adding Mike Majesky to split the driving is one of the biggest changes we have ever made. I believe Mike has won his last five Baja starts. In Mike’s last two starts at the Baja 1000, the course ran down the beach. He put an hour lead on the competition in that section. The 500 starts and runs down the beach so we’re going to put Mike in the car for that section. Hopefully he’ll have the same success on the coast. He’ll hand the car over to me at mile marker 250, and I will run the San Felipe loop. Our car really works well in the rough, the sand, and the rocks with our Radar Tires and King Shocks package. We are planning to gain a lot of spots on the beach and in the whoops of San Felipe.”

With temperatures predicted to be around 90 degrees in San Felipe during the race, it’s certain to be much hotter on the dry lake beds, and while grinding through the sandy river washes.  Not only do they run down the beach, but the course also contains rocks, silt, and even some standing water. The incredible temperature seen last year might not be a factor. It might come down to superior traction in such varied terrain for Matt Ferrato and his dedicated team.

Photography By: Bink Designs


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