Nissan is amped about the emerging battle going on in the midsize pickup truck market, a segment that it’s been in for years.

But the recent activity in the segment with the new Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon and updated Toyota Tacoma has spilled to the Nissan Frontier as well, with its sales increasing by 47 percent last year.

However, midsize truck shoppers will definitely notice the Frontier’s distinct lack of modern touches in comparison to the competition. The truck has been riding on the same platform since 2005, internally called the D40.

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Nissan actually has a far more up-to-date midsize truck for markets outside North America. Called the Navara, it features a newer platform that could easily work as a Frontier replacement; that is, if Nissan North America thinks it’s up to the task.

“The Frontier has a future. Trucks are in our DNA, we’ve been doing them for a long time,” said Christian Meunier, senior vice president at Nissan North America during a roundtable discussion at the New York Auto Show. “We’ll do something better than the Navara,” he said, adding that the Navara is a bit more of a lifestyle vehicle, “like a Honda Ridgeline.”

“We like real trucks,” he added.

A major  element to Nissan’s truck strategy has come with the addition of Mitsubishi Motors to the Renault-Nissan alliance. Nissan acquired Mitsubishi Motors back in October for a whopping $2.3 billion and one of the areas in which the brands can collaborate is trucks. Mitsubishi, like Nissan, has a strong truck presence in overseas markets, with a reputation for tough, rugged vehicles. “It’s in our DNA,” Meunier repeated, while suggesting the pickup truck expertise  could be shared between the two brands of the alliance.

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Richard Stracener April 17th, 2017 at 7:42 am

I would like to make a serious comment for Nissan to see !
You make a wonderful vehicle , and then you change things-
I am on my second truck , a 2010 if you took that truck and made it better , now you would have a vehicle ! Where you went wrong , not keeping an I on the market, you came out in late 2015-16 Diesel – (Wrong) market changed , then too late for gasoline version , now the market is completely dead . I am not trying to be the devils advocate but here we go , increasing your luxury models would have been the direction to what you have , you took away the great things then , took away what you had right !Example : Go back to shifter on the floor ! Wood Grain dash , two-tone leather upholstery , higher stance 4-wheel drive , more storage , tougher/durable, more factory add-ons ! Don’t take off what has been working , I was going to buy , went in and looked , the gear shift is what turned me off – go back , next colors ! I kept my truck until you change! The colors you offer needs to be a few more , you took away the basics and change to colors nobody wants ! Thank you Nissan for listening , contact me thru the Nissan Portal for further “Titan” examples !

Don Fitzwater April 18th, 2017 at 10:29 am

Nissan, you’ve made a wise choice with Cummins turbo diesels! Make sure the Frontier gets the 2.8 Cummins and I will buy one! On the Titan, your pricing is sky high for a less than three quarter ton truck with mileage that is less competitive than Ram Ecodiesel. You guys need to modify your Titan to be a competing 3/4 ton that is on par with American trucks and destroys the Tundra (easy if you match American truck performance). Let the Frontier be a fuel miser!

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