Oceanside, CA (February, 2017)
– MagnaFlow is recognized as being a leader in the performance exhaust segment for several reasons, namely its commitment to designing exhaust systems that will actually make real-world power thanks to strict design practices and over 30 years of performance exhaust knowledge. It’s with this in mind that MagnaFlow would like to announce its brand-new stainless steel exhaust system for the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor.

The new Ford Raptor eschews the classic large-displacement V8 found in the previous generation for a powerful new EcoBoost V6. These engines make incredible power for their size but are often lacking in the sound department from the factory. The secret to improving sound and making power is removing restrictions within the system and utilizing the highest quality materials. MagnaFlow does just that, opening up the system to let the turbo exhale more efficiently while adding a pleasing rumble to the exhaust note.

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The MagnaFlow performance exhaust for the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor is made up of dual 3-inch pipes for maximum flow. The system also features MagnaFlow’s straight through mufflers and terminates in split black coated (PN 19350) or polished (PN 19346) 5” tips. This system is designed to optimize backpressure which allows the turbos to spool much quicker while giving the EcoBoost V6 a deep, aggressive rumble.

This system, like all MagnaFlow performance exhaust systems, is 50-state emissions compliant. Additionally, all MagnaFlow exhaust systems come with a Lifetime Warranty, and each kit includes all the necessary hardware and components for a complete, bolt-on installation. MagnaFlow products are proudly made in the USA. For more information, visit www.MagnaFlow.com to find a dealer near you.

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