Snow BikeCross made its debut at X Games 2017, showing that dirt bike racers can still get on the track even if it’s snowing. The racing in the new event was great to watch, with both veterans and youngsters taking on the track in Aspen, Colorado, over ht weekend.

Many of the racers in this year’s event (11 of 15) were on Timbersled snow bike conversion systems, a company Polaris Industries acquired back in 2015. When the checkered flag finally waved in the final, it was Timbersled racer Brock Hoyer who took home the inaugural gold in Snow BikeCross.

“It ain’t over until it’s over,” said Gold Medalist Hoyer. “I dug deep and I can’t thank Timbersled, Polaris, Yamaha and Rockstar enough for giving me the best product out there and for helping me bring home the gold for everyone that’s a part of this crew!”

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Hoyer posted the fastest qualifying time leading into the final, and his confidence on the course was apparent in the final, which he won by a margin of 11 seconds. Finishing behind Hoyer was Colton Haaker, who also raced a Timbersled system on his Husqvarna bike.

“Congratulations to Brock Hoyer, Colton Haaker and all the racers competing today in this impressive debut for snow bikes at X Games,” said Chris Wolf, vice president, Polaris Snow Division. “A special thanks to Brock for being a pioneer for Timbersled and the sport of snow biking. He’s been with us from the beginning. This is a huge milestone!””

For more information about Timbersled, check out www.timbersled.com/en-us.

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