TRD, the Toyota Racing Development division for the company, just unveiled the details on the vehicles it will have on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

Although not all of them will appeal to our off-road sensibilities, a few of them are more geared toward getting off of the pavement.

Arguably the coolest of the three is this Hilux Revo TRD. This racetrack looks like it’s ready for Dakar, and much like the TRD Pro we have in the States it features off-road-ready suspension. It also is fitted with aggressive tires for improved traction (and an in-bed spare), race seats and a roll cage in the cabin, and of course a skid plate is found up front for added protection to the front end. There’s also a snorkel for any potential water crossings.

There’s actually two 86 cars TRD built, but it’s the 86 Rally Concept that appeals to dirt-minded folks. The 86 rally Concept was built in collaboration with the repeat winner of the Japan Rally Championship Fumio Tahara. Thanks to improved clearance and larger tires, the 86 Rally Concept takes this low-riding sedan and gets it a little more clearance for rally courses.

The Hiace TRD Concept looks to give vans some more street cred. With the resurgence of VW van popularity and cargo vans being used more and more for overlanding and camping base vehicles, maybe TRD is trying to tap into this market a little bit. Some of the concept’s parts, such as the front spoiler and mudflaps, are apparently being considered for production.

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