If you’re looking to buy a new truck (or want to just window shop), EVOX Images is offering an app that uses 360-degree automotive imaging called RelayCars 5.0. This mobile app allows truck buyers to view different models and compare details with an app available in the Oculus Samsung Gear VR Store and Google Cardboard for Android users (and is said to soon be available for Apple iOS). 

The RelayCars 5.0 is designed to provide a first-hand look inside truck models from the entire EVOX VR library, giving users what is calls “the most expansive selection of vehicles ever presented to VR users.” The app features more than 115 trucks (a number, it says, that’s steadily growing), the app’s new “Truck Portal” lets users  import any truck and explore inside and out in full 360-degree stereo.

“RelayCars 5.0 builds off the tremendous momentum we’ve generated since launching RelayCars earlier this year,” said EVOX Images CEO David Falstrup. “Given that overwhelming reaction, we felt it was imperative to provide VR enthusiasts with a next-generation app that provides a look at a complete vehicle line.  For truck shoppers, the access to the newest domestics and imports is unprecedented.  For OEMs and dealers, it promises to truly engage, excite, and motivate their target customers.”

To check out more about EVOX and its virtual reality products visit, or to check out the app store on your phone.

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