PIAA-Laser-Light-12-16-16PIAA announces that is has “surgically opened the lighting world with Laser precision.” Designed by PIAA with the laser technology provided by Sharp, PIAA is bringing the first-ever Laser Light to the world of accessory lighting.

This new Laser Light is “highly efficient lighting technology” with what PIAA says is extreme beam range that doubles that of lights containing conventional technology. According to a press release on the new light, PIAA says “The world has never seen a lighting source quite like this before, we are creating performance through technology.”

The PIAA Laser light has an array of eight laser diodes that produce an ultra-sharp, long range beam. Using our industry first Reflector Facing Technology, the laser diodes are aimed at a multi-surface reflector, then color filtered through a phosphor plate and finally passed through a micro-domed projector to produce a near perfect pencil beam pattern.

– Laser Light offers extreme light intensity and excellent range
– Up to 10 times greater intensity than LED
– Array of eight high-intensity laser diodes
– Micro-domed projector for precise beam control
– Laser module produces 1,000,000 candela

For more information, visit PIAA.com.

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