Chiho Kim has a love of Legos and automobiles, and that love was put into physical form by building an awesome Jeep Wrangler Rubicon replica out of Lego bricks. In fact, the build is up on the Lego Ideas website and it is currently in the process of review to see if it will have enough to support for Lego to consider building it.

Kim’s knowledge of the Wrangler Rubicon is apparent, as he notes that his build shows an iconic off-road vehicle. “Here is probably one of, if not the most, iconic off-road vehicle in the automakers’ lineup, Jeep Wrangler Rubicon,” he says.

Noting the challenges of the build, he made sure to include key Jeep elements, such as the seven-slot grille, fender flares and angled hood, but there were a few things that were tougher to build than others.

“The most difficult part of the construction was to join the hood and the two mudguards,” he says.” I was stuck on this part for a couple of weeks, struggling to combine a slightly tilted hood module with 1x3x2 arch bricks and mudguard modules with angled technic beams. Though I have successfully managed to integrate them seamlessly as shown in the pictures after a series of attempts, better ways of joining these parts together must be sought out for more perfection.”

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicion comes with everything from a removable hard top, a fire extinguisher, and a miniature DSLR camera (since he enjoys taking pictures himself). Kim hopes the Wrangler could actually be offered in stores, but in order for it to be considered by Lego it needs to acquire the support of 10,000 Lego enthusiasts. Then the Lego board will review it to see if it’s worth building. If you’d like to supper the idea, head over the his Lego Ideas page here.

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