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– Bestop, the sole supplier of factory soft tops on Jeep(r) Wranglers since 1986, is sponsoring Team HD members Shelby Hall and Amy Lerner as well as Team Wild and Free members Holly Freeman and Coralee Lack in the inaugural Rebelle Rally, a seven-day off-road navigation and driving competition across the American Southwest.  Taking place October 15-21, 2016, the rally covers 1,200 miles of rugged terrain from Lake Tahoe to San Diego, Calif. and requires competitors to find their way to 8-10 checkpoints each day using only a road book, map, and compass.

Hall and Lerner will be competing in the first women’s off-road navigation rally race in the U.S. in a 2015 Jeep Wrangler equipped with a Bestop Sunrider(r) soft top that works with the Jeep’s factory hardtop to provide instant access to the open air.  The flexible yet durable fabric top is made of black sailcloth that can quickly be thrown open to allow the duo to stand on the front seats to navigate instead of completely exiting the vehicle for the 30-plus times they expect to have to stop to check the course during the event.  Lerner says the Sunrider eliminates the hassle of bulky factory sunroof panels and gives the team the competitive advantages of saving time and effort. It also provides light protection from the elements when they need it.

The team’s competition Jeep Wrangler is also equipped with Bestop’s RoughRider(r) saddlebags, seat covers and seat back organizers to help keep essential gear securely in place and within quick reach.

“There’s no substitute for experience, but having the right equipment and accessories to assist us during this competitive off-road event will help us have a successful race,” said off-road rally driver Amy Lerner. “We are thankful for the support of Bestop and the proven products they have supplied for this event.”

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New to competitive off-road rallying, Freeman and Lack were so enthused about news of the all-female race that they just had to sign up to compete. Freeman’s 2001 Jeep Wrangler TJ is being outfitted with Bestop’s Trektop(r) NX soft top, two TrailMax(tm) II Sport front seats, a RoughRider spare tire organizer and Bestop lock-in-place floor mats. Bestop is also supplying an Instatrunk(tm) for storage and sport bar covers to fit the factory roll cage.

“Bestop is our biggest sponsor and they have been awesome in getting us equipped for the rally,” Freeman said. “The new top is going to be incredible because it fits tightly and perfectly under the roof rack. If I want to take out the windows, it’ll be super easy to do. I’m in love with the sleek look of the soft top and the way it gives my TJ a fresh look.”

Freeman has been a fan of the Bestop tire organizer since way before considering participating in the Rebelle Rally.  “It’s been awesome for tools, equipment and supplies.  By using all of the little pockets, I don’t have to open up the doors,” she said.

About Team HD
Shelby Hall is the granddaughter of off-road racing Hall-of-Famer Rod Hall who participated in the first sanctioned off-road race down the Baja Peninsula in 1967. During the event he piloted his Jeep CJ5 to a class win.

Shelby Hall, in true family fashion, was introduced to off-road racing at a young age and has been competing with her grandfather since 2012. The younger Hall is forging her own path in the off-road rallying world and is excited to tackle the challenge of the Rebelle Rally.

“Having a racing legend in the family has helped Shelby become the dynamic racer she is today,” said Garett Graubins, Director of Marketing for Bestop. “Both Shelby and Amy have racked up many achievements in their own right and our company is proud to lend its support to make sure they are well equipped to face the surprises that can come with off-roading in remote locations.”

Amy Lerner is also an experienced off-road rally driver. Among her achievements is a win in the overall production class at the Australasian Safari Rally. Lerner is also the first women to win the Dakar Challenge race and was a member of the first American team to finish in the top 10 at Morocco’s Rallye Aicha des Gazelle.  Amy got to know Shelby while producing a documentary about Rod Hall.

About Team Wild and Free

A native of San Diego, Holly Freeman teamed up with navigator Coralee Lack from Washington just four short months before the start of the Rebelle Rally. The two bonded instantly over their love of off roading and motorsports. Their route to the race has been a whirlwind of raising funds, lining up sponsors and sharpening their navigation skills.

“I am super excited to be part of the history of this event. That’s what really made me want to do it,” Freeman said. “I’ve always had dreams of getting into rally racing or motorsports, and I love the idea of doing the event with another girl that loves Jeeps and the off-road life as much as I do.”

The duo is looking forward to demonstrating their capabilities and that of their Jeep Wrangler TJ, which Freeman says will be matched up against a lot of newer vehicles.  With the team’s experience in off-roading, Jeep events and rock crawling, she believes they have what it takes to succeed in the rugged Rebelle Rally.

“Honestly, we’re both very competitive, so we expect to do really well.  We’re going to have a lot of fun.  It’ll be a great first event for us, and I hope it leads to more rallying and motorsport adventures in the future,” said Freeman.

Bestop’s Graubins added: “Helping young racers get a leg up by providing our products is what sponsorship is all about. We look forward to seeing a dynamic performance in the Rebelle Rally from Team Wild and Free.”

For more information and live updates go to the Rebelle Rally official web site. http://www.rebellerally.com/.

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