General Tire's new Grabber X3 is included in its new sales promotion.

Fort Mill, SC – General Tire’s new Grabber X3, the highly-anticipated new entry into the mud-terrain segment, is now available in tire stores. The X3 is the latest tire in the popular Grabber family of light truck tires. The new Grabber X3 takes extreme terrain to the power of three.  The mud-terrain tire has been designed to provide extreme performance in mud with a unique optimal void and self-cleaning pattern, extreme performance in dirt with superior grip and stability and extreme performance on rock with excellent adhesion and cut/chip resistance. With bold and aggressive styling, the Grabber X3 is sure to reinforce General Tire’s off-road DNA.

Travis Roffler, director of marketing for General Tire, understands what off-road enthusiasts demand in a tire and he feels confident that the new Grabber X3 will exceed their expectations.

“Our team put in over three years of research and development to get the tire to this point,” stated Roffler.  “We feel very confident that it will provide the performance needed and expected in extreme terrain.  We’re beyond excited to get this X3 out into the market to compliment the already strong line-up of off-road tires that General is known to offer,” stated Roffler.

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A comprehensive benchmarking, development and evaluation program was created to ensure a robust entry in to the mud-terrain segment.  The program included over three years of development, 16 tread patterns, over 500 hours of off-road testing, more than 1,000 tires built and tested and well over two million miles of testing in a variety of extreme conditions.

The Grabber X3, features design elements that allow extreme performance.   For MUD, the tire offers a high void pattern design, evacuation channels and alternating shoulder scoops.  For DIRT, there are block chamfers, traction notches and stone bumpers.  For ROCK, the tire is equipped with multi-angle gripping edges, deflection ribs, and sidewall protection lugs.  DURAGEN provides three-ply construction in all sizes, a robust compound and ultra-high strength steel belts.  In addition to its extreme off-road capabilities, the Grabber X3’s on-road features include siped design for wet and winter performance and multi-pitch pattern design to minimize noise.

The Grabber X3 will offer 42 total articles.  Seventeen of those articles will feature the Smooth Red Letter (SRL) that General Tire first introduced with the original  Grabber TM in 2010. The unique red letters have become a trademark of the brand within the off-road community.   The complete line up will include 13 flotation sizes from 31″ to 37″ with rim diameters between 15″ to 20″.  There will be 16 LT metric sizes from 255 to 315 with rim diameters between 16″ to 20″.

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