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ENSENADA, Mexico — With prominent guest speakers from IndyCar, NASCAR and off-road racing, SCORE International in association with the Stand 21 Safety Foundation will present a free workshop on safety in off-road racing from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, July 30 at the SCORE Tech Facility in El Cajon, Calif., just east of San Diego.

Hosted by SCORE’s Roger Norman and Stand 21 Racewear’s Yves Morizot, scheduled guest speakers are IndyCar safety consultant Dr. Terry Trammell, former NASCAR Senior Director of Safety Tom Gideon and desert-racing legend Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart.

Moderator of the workshop will be Don Taylor, Director of the Stand 21 Safety Foundation, whose objective for the workshop is “for attendees to walk out the door with some practical, applicable, use-it-next-race, safety information, that they haven’t heard before.  This event will not be a boring classroom lecture series by egghead scientists!”

Open to desert racers in all classes, their race crews, and their families, topics will include Fire Protection, Heat Stress, HANS neck restraints, Helmets, Belts and Seats. These safety workshops have been produced by the non-profit Stand 21 Safety Foundation for the past five years. With its Racing Goes Safer program, the Stand 21 Safety Foundation has been active since 1970.  Meanwhile, Stand 21 Racewear, founded nearly 50 years ago in France, operates in the United States out of its Stand 21 North America headquarters in Huntington Beach, Calif.

SCORE continues its paramount commitment to educate and re-educate racers, crews and fans regarding the importance of safety in desert racing, especially in Baja California, Mexico, which is the most unique racing environment in the world and the most unique form of all competitive motorsports. This safety workshop is part of the process along full usage of the SCORE social media platforms including multiple safety videos posted on the SCORE website and SCORE youtube channel.

Norman, a champion desert racer in the marquee SCORE Trophy Truck division and prominent Northern Nevada business entrepreneur, purchased SCORE from Sal Fish on Dec. 20, 2012. Morizot is the president and founder of both the Stand 21 Safety Foundation and Stand 21 Racewear company.

Dr. Trammell, a prominent orthopedic spine surgeon in Indianapolis for 32 years, has had a close association with the Indy 500 and its drivers. Dr. Trammell is a founding member of the International Council of Motorsports Science (ICMS) and a founding fellow of the FIA Institute for Motorsport Safety.

Gideon, PE-Motorsports Safety Expert, was formerly the Senior Director of Safety of NASCAR’s Research and Development Center and served at General Motors as a Safety Manager for 12 years in the GM Racing group. His research work includes the HANS device, seats, belts, ‘black box’ data recording and accident investigation.

Also on the agenda are Mike Hurst and Ed Becker.  Hurst is Technical Manager at SFI Safety Foundation, Director of Competition for Rally America, plus a rally car builder and racer.  Becker is Chief Engineer and Executive Director of the Snell Memorial Foundation, the helmet testing, standards-setting, and certification group.

Don Taylor was formerly Technical Services Director at the NHRA, and a Group Manager at General Motors Racing, running the NASCAR program.

While the workshop and the lunch provided are all free, SCORE requests that participants register in advance at

The SCORE Tech Shop is located at 9434 Bond Ave., El Cajon, Calif., 92021.

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