Ram Truck today announced it will support Arizona businesswomen Nena Barlow of Barlow Adventures and Kande Jacobsen of Adventure Driven in this inaugural Rebelle Rally later this year. Ram Trucks will provide a 2016 Ram Rebel truck for the two women to drive in the Rebelle Rally, which is an all-female navigation and four-wheel-drive event crossing portions of the southwestern United States this October.

The Rebelle Rally is unique in the U.S., as the rally-style event isn’t based on speed so much as it is careful navigation using only map and compass. It takes place over seven days and will cover more than 1,000 miles on a “highly secret route” of back roads, across deserts and over mountains between Lake Tahoe, Nev., and San Diego, Calif. No GPS or any electronic navigation is permitted during the event.

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The event is being organized by veteran off-road racer and trainer Emily Miller, who was the first U.S. woman to compete in the long-running Gazelle Rally in Morocco.  Barlow is no stranger to off-road, as she has more than 20 years of experience in the off-road industry as owner and operator of Barlow Adventures that provides Jeep rentals and 4WD training. Barlow is currently the only woman in the world certified by the International 4WD Trainers Association.

Nena Barlow (right) and Kande Jacobsen will race the inaugural Rebelle Rally later this year.

Nena Barlow (right) and Kande Jacobsen will race the inaugural Rebelle Rally later this year.

Kande Jacobsen and her husband Seth own Adventure Driven (and own a sweet Lexus GX 470 you may have seen at Overland Expo in recent years), a professional photography and marketing company specializing in overlanding and the outdoor lifestyle. Jacobsen brings to the mix a background of all things outdoors: hiking, horseback riding, dirt biking, orienteering and four-wheeling.

Barlow and Jacobsen will be driving a stock 2016 Ram Rebel in the competition. Barlow will tackle the driving duties while Jacobsen will navigate.

“It might be expected that I would show up in one of my modified 4x4s, but I want to encourage people to get out and explore with whatever they have,” said Barlow. “I will be driving a totally stock Ram 1500, just like anyone can go out and buy today, not some expensive custom competition rig. The Ram Rebel comes ready to go.”

“We are all about adventure, dirt and getting out on the earth,” added Jacobsen. “We want to inspire others to do the same.”

Look for Barlow and Jacobsen at upcoming meet-and-greet events, 4WD events and training with Ram trucks around Northern Arizona. Barlow Adventures also encourages fans to get involved in the fun. Barlow Adventures is running a name contest for their Rebelle team on Facebook. Visit to vote.

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