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: Race for Cash is back. For all competitors who are up for a friendly wager at the NORRA Mexican 1000, the Race for Cash requires a $2000 dollar buy-in and pays the entire pot to the racer with the lowest elapsed time, after penalties, at the finish line in San Jose del Cabo.

Competing for the Race for Cash does not impact your individual class standings; it is just a side bet. For those competing in the Evolution era Race for Cash class, this class will start first off the line in Ensenada. All others who wish to buy into the Race for Cash from other classes will start with their respective classes. The pot amount will be determined by the number of racers who enter Race for Cash. You don’t have to be in the Evolution class to be a threat in Race for Cash.

2015 NORRA Mexican 1000 Recap

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If you recall last year’s race, Bob Gordon finished second overall driving his Chenowth two-seater in the Vintage Open Buggy class so it’s anyone’s race to win. If you would like to take part in Race for Cash, contact Jenny Coleman at:

You can also register for the Race For Cash by clicking here:

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