Rebelle-Rally-Off-Road-Female-12-4-15Editor’s Note: The promoters of this year’s inaugural Rebelle Rally will be hosting a conference call today to go over details and information about the event. Check out the press release below for more information on the event and the conference call details.

The Rebelle Rally course has been designed to be both fun and challenging to the driver and navigator regardless of your level of experience!  You will cover breathtaking and diverse terrain that is legal to drive. These dirt roads, double tracks, trails, and dunes leave us in continual awe of the beauty of our deserts.  While the rally is not considered “extreme 4×4” terrain, there are definitely places that will push you and test your off-road driving skills.   On the navigation side, our checkpoints will allow beginners to test themselves – yet push even the most seasoned navigator!

We are hosting an informational conference call tomorrow for interested ladies.  This is a great time to ask questions and learn more about details and what to expect.

DATE: Thursday, April 7th
TIME: 3 pm. PST
RSVP: & we will send you the call in details.

Want to compete but don’t have a vehicle or can’t take your daily driver?  We recommend Barlow’s in Arizona.  This reputable company offers well-equipped Jeep Rubicons with 33” tires and reinforced bumpers, axle armor, and heavy duty skid plates.

If you book by May 1st OR rent one of the first 10 Jeeps, you can take advantage of special pricing only offered for Rebelle Rally participants.  They can also arrange transportation to and from the start/finish, if needed.   Contact Barlow Adventures at 928.282.8700 or

Early registration deadline for best pricing is May 1st.  The rally is on a first come – first served basis.  We are approximately two-thirds full, so sign up as soon as possible.  The installment program is still available and ensures your spot in the 2016 event.   Register now.

The Rule Book is live.  Click here for online access.  Please note scoring and penalty tables will be released prior to July 1st, as well as more detailed mechanics information.  For questions, please contact the Competition Director:  Tony Vanillo  |

The Rebelle has two vehicle classes – 4×4 and Crossover.  While some checkpoints will be shared, the course for the Crossovers is designed to create an opportunity for vehicle success.  There will be some specifically designated Crossover routes.

A vehicle must be a production vehicle and street legal in all 50 states.  A new vehicle must be in production 60 days prior to the competition.  Tires must be DOT approved and available to the general public through standard distribution/retail outlets.   The maximum tire size is 35″, and suspension pivot locations must be maintained.  You must carry 1 full size spare tire.  We strongly recommend 2.  You may not change out tires for different course sections (i.e.: sand, mud, etc.)  Please refer to the rule book for more information.

Everyone is inquiring about training, and we want you to gain great skills that will last a lifetime of adventure.
We will be offering an online navigation course that will introduce you to basic navigation skills to take on the Rebelle.  BUT we have a special opportunity to announce!  We are offering a free two-day course to registered Rebelles (registration must be fully processed with payment) starting at the end of April.  We have a private venue where a limited number of teams can camp, dine, and train together.  Bring your own camping gear, food and beverages, navigation equipment, and you will be instructed in an awesome outdoor classroom environment.

Southern California:  The Raspy Roost (east of San Diego)
April 30-May 1 & May 2-3

For more information, visit


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