– Spring time can bring storms, floods and inclement weather of all kinds. It can also bring unseasonably warm weather that leads to an early start to the construction season or gives farmers a jump on this year’s crops. Be ready for whatever the weather brings by taking advantage of Lincoln Electric’s amazing deal on a Ranger® 250 GXT engine-driven welder/generator. The Ranger 250 GXT provides extra multi-process welding performance, extra AC generator power and now extra savings for outdoor welding projects for farm, construction and general fabrication.

For three weeks only, between Feb. 8 and 29, Lincoln Electric is offering the Ranger 250 GXT (K2382-4), one of its most popular engine-driven welders, at the unbelievably low price of $3,199, after a $1,331 rebate.

If they prefer, customers may instead choose a wire-feeder product package valued at more than $3,765 in place of the cash rebate.

The wire-feeder bundle option includes the following:
LN-25 PRO Standard Model
Accessory Package (passive helmet, 2/0 electrode and work cables, work clamp and electrode holder)
Drive Roll and Guide Tube Kit for .068 in.(1.7 mm) cored wire
K126™ PRO Innershield® FCAW-S 350A Welding Gun w/15 ft. cable
Copper Plus® Contact Tip -550A, .068-.072 in.(1.7-1.8 mm) wire diameter, Qty.10
Innershield® NR-212  FCAW-S .068 in.(1.7 mm) wire diameter 25 lb. Steel Spool

The Ranger 250 GXT delivers plenty of welding power with 250 amps for AC or DC stick or TIG and DC wire welding, including MIG and flux-cored options. It is rated 250 amps/25 volts for AC, DC and CV. All outputs are rated at 100% duty cycle 104°F (40°C). This model also produces 10,000 watts continuous AC generator power for lights and power tools. To learn more about the Ranger 250 GXT, view bulletin E6.96 on

For more information about this limited time offer, contact your local Lincoln Electric distributor or visit

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