Well it’s been a while since we have sent out a team newsletter. There is good reason. We bit off a lot in 2015 between launching a Pro 2 program, building a Bronco to race in the desert, and prepping/crewing a Pro-Light. I needed more time so the newsletters stopped and I put what media time I had into the realm of social media.

We are more organized this year and making headway. We at Lovell Racing had a fantastic race at King of the Hammers to start the 2016 season. King of the Hammers has been our nemesis of sorts and we have had near misses with winning both the EMC race and unlimited race. This year we pulled it off and won the “Every Man Challenge”. I put that in quotes because it is everything but an every man challenge. The EMC is basically a limited class race running 2 laps where the unlimited run 3 laps. Its a competitive sprint race and has more entries than the unlimiteds.

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Roger Lovell Wins the 2016 Smittybilt Everyman Challenge

Erik Miller Wins the 2016 Nitto King of the Hammers



Roger and I started 70th and passed every vehicle in front of us during the 114 miles. We got stuck once and had to winch as the competition had us in sight. We lost a tire with about 20 miles to go and decided to not stop, finishing on the ragged remains. What we did that is most important to me though, we won.  If you can tell that I am proud, your right. Its been a while since we have come out on top and it feels good. Its validation for all those who have stood beside us; family, friends, and sponsors.

There are always last minute random contingency sponsors at KOH hoping to get a sticker on your race car with promises of cash payouts for a win. I think that is great for sport, but opposite of what we want. A team is built through mutual struggle, dedication, and perseverance. We are humbled by those who give when we need it and it is an honor to give back with a big win. Again to our family, friends, and sponsors – you are the team and should hold your heads high knowing your part to make this happen. Roger and I are proud to deliver the results you deserve for being part of Lovell Racing.

Now that the race is over, its time to look forward to the next race. Just what is next? If it was easy and planned out, it wouldn’t be exciting. If you haven’t already, please join Lovell Racing on Facebook and Instagram:
Instagram: Bradlovell44, Rlovell32

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