Very little details were initially available after Dakar Rally television coverage noted that Robby Gordon withdrew from the race, but now video has surfaced showing what happened to Gordon’s HST Gordini truck and its accident with a support vehicle.

Robby Gordon is officially listed on the withdrawal page for the Dakar Rally, and the video helps detail some of what occurred. As shown below, some items are passed from the race vehicle to a support Hummer a few times, and then eventually the Gordini veers slightly to the right and bumps into the support truck.

Although the video cuts out following the hit, the videographer’s account of what happened was detailed on Infobae where he notes the vehicle rolled after the accident. Jalopnik later captured screenshots of a Facebook conversation with one of the parties in the support truck (Tim), who noted his injuries were bad but that it could have been much worse.

Although Robby Gordon was not in contention to win the race, with the event coming to a close it’s clearly a unfortunate way to end his 2016 Dakar Rally campaign.

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Lonny January 21st, 2016 at 4:55 pm

I didn’t know that it is prohibited to stop on the shoulder for a small emergencies, or on ramp

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