BlueRibbon-Coalition-Logo-9-28-12Not a day goes by at ShareTrails ( that we fail to discover another issue of access that could benefit from our involvement. Since we do not have unlimited resources we must prioritize. We do this by looking for issues in which we think we may play a useful role and are likely to prevail. There is a plethora of such issues out there and we’d really like to be able to get after more of them.

If we are going to prove to the world of access advocacy that we are a force to be reckoned with we need to increase our presence in the ring. In a normal month our legal bill, by itself, is around $5K. When we are actively involved in litigation our bill can amount to many multiples of that. Figuring out ways to pay for all of that while keeping the rent paid and the lights on occupies most of my time. Failing to do so is not an option. We do not exist simply to perpetuate our own existence. We’re here to fight and win.

We need your help. I know that many of you are busy with our families during the holidays and that outdoor activities may not be foremost at this time. But if you are able to help it’s not too late to support access by donating to Sharetrails/BlueRibbon in time for your 2015 taxes. You will be doing yourself a favor (on multiple levels) and helping us defend access for all.

Support Recreation Access
Another way in which you may really help us in preserving access is to help us grow. We really need to return Sharetrails, BlueRibbon to its peak levels of membership. We’ve been asking you over the past few months to recruit just one new member to our organization. If you have not done so yet, please consider giving a membership as a tax-deductible holiday gift. Bear in mind that if everyone does that we become, by virtue of sheer numbers, a real force to be reckoned with. That would make all of our holidays merry!

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