Reno, Nevada
– Adventurous women have a new challenge to prepare for. The Rebelle Rally was recently announced with its plans for an off-road auto navigation event to take place October 13-22, 2016.

The event starts in Lake Tahoe with technical proceedings.  On October 14th, participants move to the first Base Camp location in Nevada and begin a 7-day trek on open public dirt roads, double tracks, trails, and sand dunes, crossing iconic landscapes of the American West.  The course finishes in Southern California where the rally will transfer to San Diego for the closing gala celebration at the famed Del Mar Race Track.

The Rebelle Rally is open to women competitors and based on navigation and driving precision, not speed.  It is not a race.  The format spans a 10-day period with 7 days of competition to reach difficult to find  checkpoints.  Navigation is based on compass, maps, and roadbook notes, while competitors are allowed no GPS or Internet enabled devices including cell phones.   The course route and checkpoints are not given to the competitors until just prior to the event.  Teams are comprised of two people and the vehicles are street legal, stock manufacturer SUVs, pickups, and crossovers, no different from the ones in driveways across America today.

The Rebelle Rally is designed for the women’s audience who love to drive and embrace a sense of adventure.  Novices to professionals are encouraged to enter, but are required to take a provided online and webcasted navigation course, as well as validate prior off-road driving experience or take a 4×4 driving course before competing.  “My goal is for women to sharpen and refine their capabilities and build the confidence and skill set to take on future journeys – wherever they may lead,” noted Emily Miller, the rally’s owner and organizer.  Miller is an experienced off-road competitor, driving and navigation instructor, and event producer.   “The sport of off-road, the vastness of the open desert, and the lessons of precise navigation have had a profound impact on my life and the lives of many others.  Our team is excited to share this and build a platform for women to shine.”

The rally combines a number of elements making the Rebelle a well-rounded event – first and foremost an interesting and challenging competition format, Base Camps in several locations, one self-camping night, food prepared by a Michelin Star chef, live webcasts, and the black tie celebration.  Registration officially opens on December 15th.  Space is limited and registration will be considered closed when a total of 60 teams have been received and processed.

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