Odyssey-Battery-Portable-Chargers-11-13-15READING, Pa.– EnerSys introduced its new line of ODYSSEY battery portable chargers at the 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show last week in Las Vegas, Nevada. With automatic six-stage charging and a wide range of built-in safety features, new ODYSSEY battery portable chargers facilitate full and proper charging, which may help to enhance the performance and extend the life of ODYSSEY® batteries and other quality brands of 12-volt flooded and Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) lead acid batteries. Charger safety features include:  spark-free connections, built-in over-voltage, overload, over-temperature, reverse polarity and ignition protection.

“The professional grade design of our new series of chargers delivers performance and quality,” said Alan Kohler, ODYSSEY® battery marketing manager at EnerSys. “The combination of robust construction and precision engineering delivers a product that’s built to last.”

The all-digital power charging platform is packaged in a rugged housing of extruded aluminum, providing weatherproof protection in all conditions.

In addition, they feature a user-friendly interface with an innovative LED battery charge monitor that provides users with a relative charge level status at a glance during operation. A system “OK” and battery fault trouble status indicator eliminate time-consuming troubleshooting by confirming that system and battery connections are intact or indicating if a fault is present prior to charging the battery.

The new ODYSSEY battery portable chargers feature an integrated cable wrap body design, enabling cables to be wrapped around the body of the charger to minimize storage space.

ODYSSEY® battery portable chargers provide six-stage charging and are available in 6-amp, 12-amp and 20-amp models. They are backed by a limited two-year full replacement warranty from manufacturer’s defects.

“Properly charged batteries yield higher cycles,” said Kohler. “Our ODYSSEY battery portable chargers optimize battery life by making it easy to properly charge today’s high performance batteries.”

For more information on EnerSys and its full line of products, systems and support, visit www.enersys.com.

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