Whew! The next-gen Wrangler will still feature solid axles, and that's great news for off-roaders and the aftermarket.

A recent report says the next-gen Wrangler will retain its core identity in terms of construction and capability, though it will reportedly be able to achieve up to 30 mpg.

A recent story in Automotive News highlighted a conversation with a Jeep dealer who was shown the new Wrangler at a conference in Las Vegas, with the dealer stating the the next-generation Wrangler, which is expected to be a 2018, ‘stays pretty true to its current form.’

The next-gen Wrangler will reportedly feature more aluminum body parts in an effort to save weight, though it’s believe the Jeep will retain its body-on-frame construction and solid axles (and not employ IFS, which has been speculated as a possibility).

The story also reports that another dealer claimed that FCA says the new Wrangler will be capable of achieving up to 30 mpg, which leads us to believe there will be a new power plant, or multiple options, on the next-gen Wrangler. A diesel engine is a realistic option, such as the 2.8-liter diesel currently used overseas on Jeep models. There’s also been speculation of a hybrid motor or a small turbocharged engine as well, though Jeep has not commented on any upcoming engine platforms for the new Jeep.

According to the report, there may also be a new Grand Wagoneer on the horizon, as the dealers were reportedly shown a new version of the luxury SUV capable of seating eight.

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