Fort Mill, SC – August 10, 2015 – While summer comes to an end, there are still plenty more trails to explore so let us help you with the comfort, durability and performance you demand in a tire. Now through September 11, 2015, purchase four (4) new qualifying General Tire passenger or light truck tires, and receive up to a $70 Visa gift card.

Stretch out your summer fun, and a dollar, with General Tires “Making Trails” promotion. From the GRABBERTM line of light truck tires, to the G-MAXTM AS-03 and ALTIMAXTM RT43 line of passenger tires, General has a tire that will help you make new trails. No matter the season or road surface, General has a tire to make anywhere possible.

Purchase four (4) new tires from the GRABBERTM, GRABBERTM AT2, GMAXTM AS-03, GRABBERTM HTS60, GRABBERTM HTS, GRABBERTM STX, or GRABBERTM UHP marketing lines and receive a $70 Visa gift card. Receive a $50 Visa gift card with the purchase of four (4) tires from the ALTIMAXTM ARCTIC, ALTIMAXTM HP, ALTIMAXTM RT, ALTIMAXTM RT43, AMERITRACTM, AMERITRACTM TR, EVERTREKTM RTX, GRABBERTM AW, GRABBERTM HP, GRABBERTM TR, and GRABBERTM ARCTIC LT lines.

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