We were already aware of a 10-speed transmission being co-developed by Ford and Chevrolet, but we had not heard of any transmission possibilities featuring more gears. Ford has announced this new 10-speed will be used in the 2015 F-150 Raptor, but could there be other transmission options for its truck line in the future?

We ask these hypothetical questions after sister site recently uncovered a new patent document published on April 9th by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office suggesting that Ford may be developing an 11-speed automatic transmission.

As the report notes, the document includes details for three different incarnations of the transmission using different combinations of clutches, brakes and gears. Ford powertrain spokesman Paul Seredynski was contacted regarding the news, but he did not confirm that Ford is developing an 11-speed automatic transmission.

“As a technology leader, we submit patents on innovative ideas as a normal course of business,” Serendynski said in an official statement. “Patent submissions help protect our new ideas but do not necessarily indicate future business or product plans.”

Ford filed the patent on October 4, 2013.

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