Hostile-Wheels-4-14-15CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif – Mounting an all-new forged bead-lock design by Hostile Wheels, Arie Luyendyk Jr. is poised and ready to aggressively move forward in the 2015 TORC PRO 2 Division, adding a lighter, yet stronger, addition to his GUNK two-wheel-drive truck for the series. Hostile has partnered with Luyendyk and his team to showcase the durability from the often aggressive abuse wheels can take on in a challenging off-road series such as TORC (The Off-Road Championship Series). The PRO 2 race series includes eight weekends of off-road racing, beginning April 24th in Dallas and concluding the weekend of September 5th in Crandon, Wisconsin.

According to Bill Koenig, executive vice president for Hostile Wheels, the TORC series perfectly demonstrates the true reason behind weight optimization and strength. “Our forged bead-lock wheels are not only lighter than standard wheels, but are equally as strong,” said Koenig. “We can take advantage of reduced rotational inertia of the rotating drive train components in the truck, which means the engine uses more power accelerating the vehicle. The reduction in rotational inertia also leads to lower brake temperatures and better brake fade resistance over the course of the race.”

Based on initial testing done at Glen Helen Raceway earlier this month, Luyendyk was able to feel an immediate difference in the 17×9 Hostile wheels. “Driving in a series like TORC, our truck — and the wheels specifically — need to withstand an enormous amount of distress. Landing off jumps, the extreme load on tires’ side walls and wheel contact with other trucks are some of the big factors,” said Luyendyk. “Immediately, off the first jump here at the test, I landed hard on the sidewall with no worries. We ran 60 trouble-free laps at Glen Helen and the wheels performed flawlessly! Light and strong, more than we could have asked for!”

Luyendyk’s teammate Cam Reimers, of Cam Reimers Motorsports, will also be sponsored by Hostile Wheels, however within the PRO Light Class of the TORC Series. Reimers is a celebrated champion within the Motocross arena, with more than 250 Moto Wins, 115 Overall Wins, and 21 Championships under his young belt. He has set a record as the youngest team owner and operator in short course off-road racing history and for 2015 will be entering his third year competing for the TORC Championship.

Luyendyk Jr., the son of two-time Indianapolis 500 winner and Indy speed record holder Arie Luyendyk, is making his own mark within the racing world. An Indy Lights winner (2nd, 3rd, & 4th in the Indy Lights Championship) and an Indy 500 starter, he also represented Netherlands in A1GP. Luyendyk was voted “Most Popular Driver” in the Indy Lights series for four consecutive years. 2015 will mark Luyendyk’s second full season of off-road competition with support from GUNK, the market leader in engine care for more than 55 years.

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