SCORE-Logo-12-5-11RENO, Nev. — Creating thousands of unique visitors for SCORE International, the four SCORE online video series—Conquest, Legends, Roost! and Guerrero—are now in active rotation on SCORE’s website.

The new online video series is a major part of the media expansion plans SCORE is implementing for 2015, which includes its most aggressive national and international television packages, the new SCORE Journal monthly online digital magazine and a new consumer based SCORE website.

Based on fan demand for more in-depth video coverage of the SCORE World Desert Championship series, SCORE has launched four (4) new short-form video series that began in mid-January.  Each of these series features a new episode every other week, and are available for viewing across all of SCORE’s online platforms – the SCORE International website video viewer, the SCORE Facebook page and the SCORE YouTube channel plus editorial video links from the new SCORE Journal.  From race highlights, to in-depth driver features, these highly produced series deliver the best of SCORE past, present and future to SCORE’s worldwide audience.

These new programs are:
– CONQUEST (26 episodes) – A ’30-for-30’ style documentary feature program on everything current with SCORE.  Focus is on racer bios to in-depth race stories, with each program featuring an inside look into what’s happening in the majority of the competition classes participating with SCORE today.
– LEGENDS (26 episodes) – Accessed from the vast SCORE video archives, this series is all about the rich and colorful history of SCORE. From past races to the heroes of yesteryear and the infamous race vehicles that made SCORE history, this series gives fans a viewing experience into years of incredible historical footage that has been digitized for the very first time!
– ROOST! (26 episodes) – If its motorcycles, UTVs or quads, then it is all part of this incredible series that will focus on the “original class” and the heroes and happenings of power sports in SCORE. The top riders, teams and products that showcase the fastest growing class in SCORE make this series a must-see.
– GUERRERO (26 episodes) – Viva Mexico! Tapping into SCORE’s massive audience in Mexico, this series focuses its attention on the drivers, riders, teams that now make up SCORE’s top competitors along with the fans of Baja California, Mexico. Voiced and narrated all in Spanish (with English subtitles), this series digs deep into the stories of Baja that SCORE fans south of the border want to know about.

SCORE Journal, the monthly on-line digital magazine of SCORE International and the five-race SCORE World Desert Championship, has made its official debut on the SCORE website at

The SCORE Journal – a powerful new digital/print magazine full of engaging, comprehensive, and always action-packed print and digital media formulated to deliver behind-the-scenes race coverage in a way that only SCORE itself can deliver. Eleven (11) monthly online digital magazines, which will include 5 print editions that will be available as the SCORE race programs at the 5 race events, will make up the 2015 SCORE Journal release schedule.

The SCORE Journal Monthly Digital Magazine features exclusive editorial, enhanced race action videos, expanded and interactive race coverage, interactive product reviews, insider interviews with drivers, tech stories, driver and team profiles, race narratives and analysis, exclusive long and short form video programming, race results, updated stats, studio photography, class overviews, unmatched access to SCORE’s historical archives and much, much more.

NEW WEBSITE DESIGN will now offer the global fan base access to exclusive content representing all that is happening with SCORE International along with Team, Driver andSponsor updates, plus the products and technology that drive the world’s most exciting off-road motorsports series.  The new website is scheduled for March 2015 release.

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