Editor’s note: Lovell Racing sent over its pre-race report for next week’s King of the Hammers race. Check it out below.

While we have been concentrating on the Baja and building a new TORC Pro 2 over the past few months, have no doubt, we are racing King of the Hammers. The event has kicked off our yearly campaign for the last 8 years running and has taken center stage once again. We are proud to announce that AMSOIL has become the official oil of King of the Hammers & Ultra 4 Racing. There are few better proving ground than Johnson Valley to validate such a product as oil.

Our message is short and sweet – We were the only team to complete over 300 miles of the 2014 EMC and KOH race. On top of that, we won the Legends class and got 12th in King of the Hammers. Again we will face the ultimate challenge of racing the same vehicle in both the Legends race and unlimited King of the Hammers. We’ll do more miles than last year and we are prepared to surpass our prior accomplishments.

Watch for the #232 AMSOIL / BFGoodrich Tires / Spidertrax team on the lakebed.

About Lovell Racing:
Lovell Racing is dedicated to winning off-road races at the highest levels of competition. The team is owned by brothers Brad & Roger Lovell. Together they compete in nearly every 4-wheel off-road discipline including TORC short course races, desert races, rock races, and hill climbs. In 10 years the brothers have earned 9 championships and two Baja 1000 class wins. In 2014, the team will race for the TORC Pro-Light Championship and compete in a variety of other races including King of the Hammers. Follow the team at  Facebook/44BradLovell.

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