In the wake of Hurricane Odile, off-road racers are mobilizing to aid the people of Baja California who are suffering in the wake of the devastating Category 3 Hurricane Odile that hit the Baja peninsula hard on Sunday.

Baja regular and Trophy Truck racer Cameron Steele and Mexican Trophy Truck racer Tavo Vildosola pulled together other racers and race fans to create a plan to get aid to the areas that need it. The group is working in conjunction with the Mexican Red Cross, working to collect and distribute much-needed supplies to the hardest hit regions in Baja.

Vildosola’s Mexicali-based Mexicana Logistics has committed to utilizing a portion of his fleet of semi trucks to transport relief items to a centrally located staging area on the peninsula as early as tomorrow afternoon. SCORE attorney Oscar Ramos has arranged for police/military escorts for supply caravans.

Plans for how and where relief items will be distributed from the staging location are still being formulated, and current road conditions will dictate some of this. However, the group’s plan calls for an elite group of experienced racers/chasers with capable vehicles that will be used to help move relief items from the staging area to the more remote/difficult to reach locations throughout the affected areas on the Baja peninsula.

Your donation of any of the following items will be greatly appreciated and responsibly distributed to those in need. Please remember any quantity helps.

• Canned food/goods of any kind
• Bottled water
• Diapers
• Bleach
• Cleaning supplies
• Buckets
• Brooms
• Towels / blankets

USA Donations
Ship or deliver from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.:
Mexicana Logistics US HQ
7734 Formula Place
San Diego, CA 92121

Mexico Donations
Ship or deliver from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.:
Mexicana Logistics Mex HQ
Calzada de las Americas #951
Col. Compuertas. Mexicali, BC 21218
(Cruzando la calle del Colegio de las Americas)
Email questions, ideas, etc., to:

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