BFGoodrich recently unveiled its newest all-terrain tire, the T/A KO2. This is the fourth-generation all-terrain tire for the company, and it’s the first introduced in 15 years since the T/A KO was launched back in 1999. The KO was greeted with high marks by hard-core off-roaders and weekend warriors alike for its great off-road performance matched with good on-road characteristics, and many ways it was the benchmark for which all-terrain tires were measured over the past decade and a half.

With BFG launching the replacement to the popular KO tire recently, the company decided to go all out and take the media down to Baja – its proving grounds – to put the tire to the test on hundreds of miles of race course used in the SCORE Baja 500 and 1000. We have previously reported on that trip as well as the details of this new tire, but we wanted to go beyond the pictures and words to actually show what we experienced in Northern Baja. So here’s a video of our adventures and a closer look at the T/A KO2 in action on all sorts of terrain.

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