Not long ago, Toyo Tires brought a new off-road tire to the market in the all-new Open Country R/T. We’ve had a chance to put the tire to the test ourselves and came away impressed (check out the review link below). As Toyo notes, the tire is designed for off-road performance blended with on-road comfort. The R/T is essentially made to be more in line with a mud-terrain in terms of off-road performance but more like an all-terrain in terms of being quieter and smoother on the highway than a mud tire.

To highlight this new release Toyo put one of the biggest names in off-road to work, as its team rider BJ Baldwin is featured in a new video for the R/T. Baldwin essentially races against himself in this high-paced video that begins on the pavement and heads off road – well, at least one BJ hits the dirt. Check it out below:

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Be sure to check out our full review of the new Toyo Open Country R/T. For more information on Toyo’s lineup, head over to

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