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They say there is no test tougher than desert off road racing. When you think of the toughest races in off road, one that ranks at the top has to be Best in the Desert’s Vegas to Reno, (V2R). V2R is the longest off road race in the United States traveling over 530 miles through some of the worst terrain in Northern Nevada. It is a race that no team takes lightly. Taking a brand new car here is gutsy; taking that car to a second place podium finish is incredible. Coleman Motorsports beat all but one of the 28 other competitors at V2R in their first race with a newly constructed Jimco Class 10.

“We had about 100 test miles on the car before Vegas to Reno,” says Jason Coleman, who drove the entire race, “Testing went well but we didn’t know how good this car would be compared to our competitors until we went and raced it. We got to that point in testing where we felt we had a good enough car to go race so we loaded it on the trailer and headed to Vegas. I started at a conservative pace for the first 40 to 50 miles because we did not know what to expect. I got to a bottleneck somewhere between pit 3 and 4 and the Freeman car got past me. I never saw Freeman again but after I got back up to speed the rest of the field slowly went away.”

Coverage: 2014 BITD Vegas to Reno

A lot of thought went into this car and many people had a hand in its creation. Coleman Motorsports used their years of competition experience when conceiving this car and Jimco made it a reality. “So many helped out on this,” says Jason Coleman, “Jamar Brakes, Schroth Racing seatbelts, Walker Racing who did the carbon fiber work, Wiks Racing Engines, Fortin Transmission, King Shocks, I won’t put anything but Kings on my car. The Baja Designs lights were super bright and we are very excited to be a part of Radar Tires off road racing team. I smacked a pretty good sized rock in the dust that bent one of our Method Race Wheels. This flat was well deserved and there was no avoiding the damage to the wheel or the tire. That’s the only tire we changed during the race. I was really impressed by how well the tires looked after the race despite the miles of rocky course we had to contend with. We designed this car to run up front we just didn’t know it would perform this well so quickly. I have to commend Jimco Racing for delivering this car turnkey and absolutely flawless. There was not a spec of oil or a loose bolt on the whole car after 533 miles.”

Jason has a busy schedule lined up the rest of this season. He will be teaming with CJ Hutchins at the Baja 1000 racing in CJ’s class one car but hopes to take in a local race or two to get comfortable with his new Coleman Motorsports Jimco. Planning is under way for an all-out class 10 assault starting in 2015.

About Coleman Motorsports
Coleman Motorsports is a family run race team that is committed to winning races and championships. Whenever they show up to race they mean business but that doesn’t mean they aren’t having fun doing it. Driver Jason Coleman has many race wins as well as the 2010 & 2012 SNORE, class ½-1600 championship to his credit. They attack every race with professionalism and energy in order to represent their team and their many sponsors in the best light possible. Their goal is to not just compete but to excel at everything they do. Visit for more info.

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