Traverse City, Mich., Aug. 13, 2014
– Radar Tires made its long-course off-road debut in 2013. Since then, the Singapore-based flagship brand of Omni United, Radar Tires has accumulated three long-course off-road race wins and five podium finishes. This weekend, Radar Tires expands its foray in endurance dirt racing with two entrants in the 18th running of the Best of the Desert General Tire Vegas to Reno presented by Fox.

Radar Tires won the 2013 Mojave Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts (MORE) New Years 200 race in Barstow, Calif. In May of that same year, Radar Tires dominated the SCORE International Baja 500 en route to its second long-course win. So far this season, teams running Radar Tires have won the San Felipe 250 and the Baja 500, and were runners-up at the Imperial Valley 250.

The Vegas to Reno Best of the Desert is the longest off-road race in the United States and is the longest United States race by any sanctioning body. At 535 miles, this weekend’s race runs from the north of Las Vegas to the south of Reno in the Dayton area.

Jason Coleman, owner/driver of the Coleman Motorsports Class 10 No. 1071 Jimco Buggy, is slated to race the entire 535-mile event solo. The 29-year-old from Huntington Beach, Calif., started his racing career in 2005 as the navigator for future brother-in-law CJ Hutchins.  Coleman transition into the driver role in 2008 and competed in Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiast (SNORE), in a ½-1600 buggy. In five SNORE seasons, Coleman earned five races wins and two championships. Coleman then went on to win the ½-1600 Class race in the Baja 500.

Coleman took a break for two seasons to investigate options and find a series that would suit his talents. Near the end of 2013, Coleman and the team built a Jimco Class 10 buggy for a mid-season debut in 2014. The Best in the Desert is his first race in the Class 10 buggy and with Radar Tires.

“I am excited to be on the Radar Tires team,” said Coleman. “While building our buggy, our goal was to find the best products available to build a solid racing machine capable of putting us on the podium. Tires are one of the most important elements in off-road racing. Radar Tires has an excellent record so far in long-course racing and that helped in our decision in partnering with Radar Tires for this race. We are very confident with our decision to join Radar Tires.

“Vegas to Reno has some very rocky sections as most of Nevada does, so we will need a strong tire to get us through it and based on our testing with the Radar Tires it looks like we have nothing to worry about this weekend,” continued Coleman. “We expect great results on the Renegade tires.”

Scott Youngren, driver of the No. 1043 Duvall chassis two-seater 2.4 Ecotec buggy, is also making his Best in the Desert debut this weekend. Youngren from Fallbrook, Calif., has more than 25 years of off-road racing experience under his belt. When he’s not building or prepping his race car, Youngren helps Bronson Motorsports, a fellow Radar Tires team, in pitting the No. 1031 Radar Tires Class 10 buggy in SCORE competition.

“Having a front-row seat to Mike Johnson’s in Class 10 success on Radar Tires, I wanted to see just how good the tires are myself with my new car,” said Youngren. “Mauhili Motorsports owner Moe Mauhili let me try four new Radar Tires earlier this year. I’ve logged more than 1,000 miles between racing and testing in the harshest of desert conditions. The Radar Tires have not been punctured, still have 80 percent tread on them, and have no rubber chunks missing even after all the rocks that we’ve run over! I am very confident in the performance and longevity that the tires will perform at for the Vegas to Reno race.”

Coleman and Youngren will use special non-DOT size 33X10.50R15 Radar Renegade R5 race tires for this weekend’s Best of the Desert Vegas to Reno.

“We are very eager to try our hand at the Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno race this weekend,” said Gary Blalock, Radar Tires Motorsports Manager. “Jason has spent a good part of this year building and preparing his buggy, then testing it in conditions similar to racing to ensure he is ready for the grueling 535-mile event. He’s done his homework and knows what needs to be done.

“Scott has had a little more time in his machine but it is basically new as well,” continued Blalock. “Hopefully both will enjoy a safe and competitive V2R against a very large field of cars. Our Radar Renegade R5 tires have shown they can handle the Mexican desert, now it is time to see what Nevada has to offer. We’re confident that the Radar Renegade R5 tires will carry Scott and Jason to the finish line and possibly to the podium.”

Best in the Desert sets the field based on a random draw. Youngren will start 11th and Coleman 12th in a field of 29 Class 1000 entrants.

Television coverage of the Vegas to Reno will air on Oct. 19 at 5p.m. ET on NBC Sports and Oct. 23 at 4 p.m.

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