Both MotoTrial and Enduro events occurred simultaneously this weekend. The Final rounds of the AMA/NATC National MotoTrial Championship were held at the world famous Trials Training Center in Sequatchie, Tennessee. while up north in Marquette, Michigan the Beta USA National Enduro team took on the Upper Peninsula at the annual Loose Moose National Enduro. Contrary to what you would believe, the UP terrain is sandy and has lots of moon rock embedded in the ground making it a unique area to ride.

Trial veteran Ray Peters needed to win the last two rounds of the series in order to capture his tenth Expert class Championship. The Beta rider did not crack under the pressure and won each day by more than ten points each day over his rival Andrew Putt. Beta rider Alexander Niederer also stepped it up as he finished third and second on Saturday and Sunday proving he will be a major contender for the 2015 Championship.

Peters recaps his season, “Last season was the culmination of 28 years of riding.  Not only was it some of the best competition I’ve had the honor of having, but it also was my 10th national expert season title.  When I started riding expert in 2004, it never occurred to me where I was headed. I was 30 years old, and honestly scared of some of the pro sections.  They required a great minder, and I had been at a loss since Gary Jackson passed away from Cancer.  I was past my peak and knew it.  I had spent 14 years riding Pro, traveled the country and “lived the dream.”  I remember sitting in the pits and realizing that it was time for a change, I couldn’t bring myself to walk away, I wasn’t ready then and I’m not sure I really am now, but this time will be different. I’d like to thank Tim Pilg and everyone from Beta USA for the great relationship we have forged. May it continue into whatever the future holds. I would also like to thank my wife Laura and my parents for their tireless support,  Mike Komer of the Tryals Shop for the best gloves in Trials and the wireless headsets for the last four nationals. Lastly, to the extended family that is the National trials series, I want to say thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it all.”

2010 MotoTrial Champion and current EnduroCross points leader Cody Webb showed up at the Trail national to brush up on his trial skills. He “swept” the competition both days proving he still has the ability to perform in the popular series.

“I came out of semi-retirement in the Mototrial series to ride the final round of the season at the Trials Training Center since I had an open weekend and wanted to enjoy a stress free time seeing all my old trials friends. I was excited to switch gears and give it ago on the Evo 300 Race edition. As usual it was hot and humid in southern Tennessee for the weekend. I came in to the event with no expectations and wanted to just go out there and do my best. The first day, I was leading after the first lap and then a torrential rainstorm came down, changing the whole trial to almost survival mode. I ended up winning on day one and was stoked with myself. I knew however, the other riders would come back with a vengeance the next day. There were chances of rain the next day, so I took off as fast as possible to beat the rain. That strategy worked to my advantage and I swept the whole weekend. It was a great way to make my return to trials at the final round of the year. The bike was awesome and now I got a little break before prepping for the second half of the season in the Endurocross series.” Webb explains.

In the Enduro world, both Justin Sode and Cory Buttrick came up early to test in the Upper Peninsula in order to further acclimate with the terrain. A new Beta 300 RR awaited Buttrick Sunday morning in hopes of clinching a top five spot.

Buttrick reflects, “This was the first time I had been to the Upper Peninsula so I was very excited to race there. The track was very technical with various track conditions, from sand to rocks, which made for a course that kept you on your toes. I had a few issues at the beginning of the day, one including getting lost at the second test. Luckily, they threw that test out. Still not the result we wanted but I found more things to improve on and to get better for the Rattlesnake Enduro in PA.”

Despite a few brake issues, Buttrick still was able to log a couple 6th fastest test times and finish 7th overall. A few rows back, Justin Sode came back from a rough crash in test 2 to finish the day strong in 15th overall and 12th Pro.

“My beginning of the day did not go so well, test 1 I got arm pump about half way through the test and then in test 2 I had a pretty bad get off. But I tried to put that behind me and finish out the day strong. The remainder of the day went well.” Sode explains

Round 7 of the National Enduro series resumes at the Rattlesnake National Enduro in a month where Sode and Buttrick look to improve upon their finishes and use the break to further test.

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