Reno, NV
– Rigid Industries Torture Team members had guns blazing at rounds 5 and 6 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series held on what many say is the fastest track on the schedule, Wild West Motorsports Park in Reno, Nevada. Huge elevation changes on the track allow gravity to hurl the drivers into the corners at the bottom of the hills. Like every round of the series, there was plenty of door to door action and incredible driving skills on display. Some were able to perform miraculous saves; others were not as lucky.

One of the fastest and most dominating drivers was Rigid Industries Torture Team member Kyle LeDuc. He hit a personal milestone of 50 wins in his career and posted back to back wins in Pro-4 again. Out of six rounds this season, he has won all but one. “It’s a great feeling for me, my team and our sponsors to hit 50 wins,” says Kyle, “We’ve been lucky, the tracks at the start of this season have all been high speed which plays to our advantage. We know our truck is fast so we try to get out front fast and stay out of trouble. We have not always started up front but we’ve been there at the finish.”

Torture Team member Ricky Johnson just missed the Pro-4 podium with a 4th place finish in round 5. In round 6, RJ started on the front row but after several laps banging fenders at the front he was eventually spun out and finished 7th.

In Pro-2 the Torture Team put on a great show for the fans with Bryce Menzies, RJ Anderson, Marty Hart, Jeremy McGrath and Myan Spaccarelli all duking it out amongst themselves in round 5. They provided some of the best racing of the weekend but couldn’t pull off a win when the dust settled. Bryce started dead last after missing round 5 qualifying. He fought all the way through the field to finish on the podium in third.

RJ was right behind in 4th for his best finish so far in Pro-2. Crashes and mechanicals took a heavy toll on the rest of the Pro-2 guys in round 5. In round 6, the teammates were back at it with McGrath finishing 4th. 5th place was Anderson, Menzies was 6th and Spaccarelli was 7th.

Rigid Industries Torture Team members took the Prolite victory in both rounds of racing in Reno. RJ Anderson was the victor in round 5; it was his first win of the season in Prolite. Ryan Beat  ran as high as 3rd but dropped back to fifth at the checkers.

Kyle Hart drove to the number one spot in round 6. Hart had a brutal wreck last season in Lake Elsinore. He barrel rolled at least 10 times but was able to climb out of the truck. The win was an emotional one for the entire Hart family.

Ryan Beat finished 4th and RJ Anderson was 6th. Brandon Arthur  got caught up in a wreck on lap 12 in round 6 but left fans in a buzz before he departed. Brandon started on the pole and had an intense back and forth battle with Brian Deegan for the lead that lasted for several laps.

Brandon held his own with the multi-time champ until he went up on the bicycle and had to lift to avoid hitting the wall. The incident dropped him back in the field where he later met his demise.

The Lucas Oil series will be in Tooele, UT at Miller Motorsports Park June 21 – 22 for the next two rounds of short course racing action. Kyle Leduc will be fighting to keep his streak alive and the entire Rigid Industries Torture Team will be right back in the fray, fighting door to door for every inch of dirt.

Photography By: Bink Designs

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