–  The new AGM Single Boot Flange C.V. Savers are an easy and inexpensive way to guarantee that the grease you pump into your C.V.’s joint, stays there. By preventing the grease from migrating out into your C.V. boot away from the C.V., the AGM C.V. saver ensures that the joint will remain lubricated and running cool for a much longer period of time; Eliminating the premature wear and failure of so many C.V. joints as a result of lack of lubrication. So whether you’re a recreational buggy driver who wants to extend the time between C.V. services or a racer that wants the confidence of knowing that your C.V. joints will remain lubricated all the way to the finish, the new AGM C.V. saver if for you.  Available for all large boot 930 and 934 CV flanges.  Pricing starts under $45.00 (AGM-930-2KIT)

AGM C.V. Savers make better use of the existing grease in the joint; as centrifugal force and the pumping action of the axle moves the grease through the joint, the C.V. Saver’s “barrier” effect redirects the grease back to the joint to be used again, instead of lost in the boot.  Therefore, helping to extend the life of the C.V. and allowing longer run times in-between services.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or compete in a series, you know the harsh reality of the off-road environment and the type of routine vehicle maintenance that is required as a result.  That being said, in the overall scope of your vehicles maintenance, the AGM C.V. Savers are not only an inexpensive solution, but a smart one at that.

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