Baja-THUMB-Rally-Klim-3-28-14ENSENADA, BAJA CA, MEXICO– announced that Freedom 64 Rally will support the BAJA RALLY 2.0 with a full suite of logistics, transport, rental and support services for riders tackling Baja CA’s first and only navigation based rally raid for motorcycles this September 24-28th.

Race this Bike In The BAJA RALLY For: $5000.00 (includes full transport, service package & support team)

“The leader of Freedom 64 is Luis Belaustegui, the man who finished the DAKAR on a 150cc 2-stroke KTM after 3 tries”, explained BAJA RALLY creator Scotty Breauxman, “The mere fact that this hearty man has made it to finish of the longest rally on such a small bike speaks to his experience and determination to help our riders succeed in Baja CA.”

Belaustegui had been riding with the original Freedom Rally Team since its inception and was a very close friend of Freedom Rally’s founder Mike Stanfield who died tragically in a diving accident in March. Both Freedom Rally and Stanfield where entered to field 4 riders in the BAJA RALLY before Mike’s passing.

Starting fresh with new vehicles, rental bikes and DAKAR mechanics, Freedom 64 Rally is a reincarnation of Stanfield’s original vision and will support at least 4 riders in the upcoming 2015 Dakar Rally.

“We’re extremely excited for the BAJA RALLY 2.0 this fall”, Belaustegui explained, “The purpose of this event is to prepare our riders and teams for the upcoming Dakar 2015. We look at this as an opportunity to test and tune the bikes in a tough environment, similar to what we can expect in South America.”

Several international riders have committed to riding the BAJA RALLY 2.0 and Dakar Rally under the Freedom 64  tent including Colombian team mates Marco Saldariaga, Mateo Moreno and Mexican Carlos Gracida.

Freedom 64 has a limited number of spaces available for service packages and rental bikes for BAJA RALLY 2.0

Rental Rally Bikes:
HONDA CRF450 Rally $2500 US$
KTM 450 Rally Replica $3000 US$

Support Package: $2,000 US$
Assistance Includes:
*100% of mechanical needs, including tire service.
*Transport of motorcycle, parts and tires, from USA to USA
*Transport of two gear bags, tent, sleeping bag, 6 tires and mousse
(including extra rims)
*Assistance in purchasing tires, parts, navigation etc.
*40% Discount on KLIM rally gear.

Freedom 64 is a rally-raid support team providing comprehensive logistics and service programs to support motorcycle racers in the worlds most demanding motor sport event, the DAKAR Rally. Led by Luis Belaustegui, who against all odds, recently finished the DAKAR Rally on a 150cc 2-stroke KTM, Freedom 64 rally is using the BAJA RALLY 2.0 as a shakedown and dry run for preparing for the 2015 DAKAR. Contact Luis directly at

The BAJA RALLY 2.0 is the first and only road book navigation based rally raid in Baja CA and takes place over 5 days this September with riders navigating over 800 miles of timed special stages followed by hosted meals and camping in 3 remote bivouac locations with cultural or historic value. This groundbreaking event was designed to introduce the sport of rally to Baja CA, teach history and culture to participants and stimulate return adventure tourism within Baja CA. More information at.

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