Trail-Tech-Digital-Radiator-4-24-14If you’ve ever ridden your high-performance four-stroke off-road bike in tight, twisty or technical sections for long periods, you might have noticed a funny sound reminiscent of that old belching water cooler at work. Only there’s nothing funny about the sound your bike is making because that burble is a tell-tale sign that not enough air is moving through your radiators and you’re engine is well on its way to overheating. Heck, we’ve experienced it even in short technical sections in the hot Southern California desert.

Unlike the good old days of air-cooled dirtbikes, your water pumper really needs that coolant to stay cool in order for you to avoid a terminal motor meltdown. But when the going gets really tight, upping your speed average may move you out of the danger of a broken motor and into the danger of broken body parts. So, whadya gonna do to keep your cool?

You might consider Trail Tech’s Digital Radiator Fan Kit, available through Rocky Mountain ATV/MC and other retail outlets. While the idea of using a cooling fan to keep the air flowing through a radiator is certainly nothing new, the beauty of the Trail Tech kit lies in its ease of installation and also the fact that it is available for a wide variety of off-road motorcycles. Check out this video of an installation on a KTM to see how easy it really is:

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There isn’t much in the way of voodoo behind the kit. Simply put, it uses a temperature sensor that monitors your cooling system and automatically activates the fan to keep your engine in the optimum temperature range when the going gets hot and/or slow. The kit is designed to be more reliable than a manually switched cooling fan—because that depends on you know who. The temperature sensor’s trigger point is adjustable, and the wiring plugs into most stock harnesses. The kit also features a backlit temperature display that records your engine’s maximum temperature. The kit requires no cutting of fluid lines and only places a 40-watt draw on your bike’s electrical system. The kit includes:

(1) 147CFM, 4″ Fan
(1) One TTV Temp Meter
(1) One Radiator Bracket
(1) A Temp Sensor
(1) A Wire Harness

The Trail Tech Digital Radiator Fan Kit carries an MSRP of $159.95, but Rocky Mountain ATV/MC sells it for $143.99. For more information, see your local motorcycle dealer or visit

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roger tobeck May 12th, 2015 at 5:15 pm

do you have any cooling fan kits for a ktm 2007 250 xcf

Josh Burns May 13th, 2015 at 3:37 pm

Roger, you’ll need to reach out to Rocky Mountain directly:

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