Rocky-Mountain-ATV-MX-Off-Road-5-28-13PAYSON, UT – Following last year’s success, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has announced that it will join Ricky Carmichael University again in 2014 as a major sponsor.

RCU is a prestigious educational experience for amateur motocross racers, with high-profile instructors such as Jeff Emig, Jeff Stanton and even Ricky Carmichael himself. The event is an intense series of technical training. Each session gives the student the opportunity to learn from a championship-level instructor with on-the-track training. A special question-and-answer period is also held in a classroom format. A parallel learning opportunity with maintenance and health seminars is available for family members.

Once again, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC will be supporting RCU by giving five lucky winners a chance to train with the best, as well as buying lunch for all the riders and their families. As a leading online retailer for motocross gear and dirt bike parts, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is constantly looking for ways to promote the growth of motocross as a sport. RCU’s premier instructional event is a prime occasion for both organizations to partner in order to provide an incredible learning opportunity for amateur motocross racers.

Dan Thomas, CEO of Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, said, “It was a pleasure to work with RCU last year, and we’re more excited than ever for 2014. We live and breathe motocross, so when we have an opportunity to promote the sport and make a difference for amateurs in such a significant way, we have to get involved.”

“It’s great to have Rocky Mountain ATV/MC back with the RCU for a second year,” said founding instructor Jeff Emig. “The commitment they bring to all of the events that they support shows that the company is run by real motocross and off-road enthusiasts. This gives a tremendous amount of authenticity to their brand as a whole, which is exactly what we look for with the RCU partners. Real people enjoying motocross at one of the world’s finest tracks – it just doesn’t get any better than that!”

“It’s great to have Rocky Mountain ATV/MC on board again this year for RCU at RedBud,” said Ricky Carmichael. “Their sponsorship will help allow riders to participate in RCU. This really represents what our university is all about, giving riders a great opportunity to come and learn while having fun doing it.”

RCU will be held July 2 at the RedBud MX track in Buchanan, MI. This strategically places RCU at the beginning of an exciting week of motocross, with multiple amateur races taking place on the track over the following few days. The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Series also includes a stop at RedBud on July 5.

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